Support for Hardware

Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd. is the fastest growing remote IT Services provider and we support the set up and installation of hardware by providing step-by-step guidance over the phone.

We are the trusted friends who understand hardware and even from miles away we can guide you on how to take your hardware out-of-the-box and set it up in such a way that you can rest assured that every cable is in the right socket and the configuration of hardware you have purchased is optimal for you.

Just call our toll free number as soon as you've purchased new hardware and are ready to setup and we'll guide you every step of the way.

Call now and take advantage of great IT Services for the setup and installation of hardware by experts.

Scope of Service

Award winning IT Services from Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd. includes:

  • Setup & installation of any new or upgraded hardware over the phone for one flat rate. Suggested checks RAM, Memory and OS compatibility. Post setup support the installation of OS and other software. Instant access anytime to expert technicians via the Internet Skilled technicians to advice on the maintenance of your hardware and newly installed software.
Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd.'s Annual Unlimited Subscription Plan

Comprehensive support for your PC, connected devices, peripherals and over 100 software applications including:

  • Diagnostic & repair for your technologies.
  • Troubleshooting software errors.
  • Updating drivers and security to protect against online threats.
  • Connecting to the Internet, devices and peripherals.
  • Optimizing your PC's speed and performance.

Unlimited access to great IT Services, all year around. We promise the lowest wait-time and highest resolution rate in the industry.

Connection Problem in Wireless Keyboard

Are you aware of the connection problem that can occur in wireless keyboard and want tips to fix it?
Wireless keyboards are widely use in latest desktop computers. Portability is the main feature of the wireless keyboard. By keeping a distance between your screen and keyboard, you can seat somewhere else that is comfortable for you and can do the work. The distance depends on the type of the keyboard.

IT Services support for resolving wireless mouse not connecting problems

Get comprehensive tech assistance from Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd. for resolving any error that you may receive after connecting wireless mouse on your PC.
Our technical experts can synchronize wireless mouse with your PC receiver so that it can work without any glitches. We can download and install the latest version of device driver for your wireless mouse as per your PC's configuration. Our technicians can resolve software conflicts and compatibility issues remotely.

Learn why the wireless keyboard is not working

What are the reasons due to which the wireless keyboard does not work properly? Explain the possible ways to fix this issue.
A wireless keyboard is exactly similar to a normal computer keyboard except for one major difference. Unlike the ordinary keyboards, the wireless keyboards are employed to transfer typing data to the computer through infrared beams. When you type through the wireless keyboard, a beam of information is sent.

Learn why a wireless mouse is not recognized by computers

What are the reasons that disable computers from recognizing a wireless mouse? What are the possible remedies?
Wireless mouse is the latest type of mouse. In the case of wireless mouse, users could access the mouse without using any cord. These types of mouse would work via radio frequency signals. The mouse has for two parts. They are radio transmitter and the other one called radio receiver. The RF transmitter.

IT Services support to solve problems related with a wireless keyboard

Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd. can offer you complete IT Services for resolving the problems you face with a wireless keyboard.
Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd. Certified Technicians can assist you 24x7 and help you to fix your wireless keyboard problems. Our expert technicians can help you to set-up and install the drivers of your wireless keyboard on a PC either through a CD or through the Internet.
Along with this, we can also help you in checking.

Top Reasons why Your Wireless Mouse May not be Working

What are the reasons due to which wireless mouse does not work properly and the possible ways to fix the issue?
The mouse is an necessary device that helps you to interact with your computer effectively and fast. Majority of mouse that are connected to your computer directly through a wire. Basically it is connected to the computer's peripheral input via a cord and is powered by the computers main.

Wireless Keyboard Set-up

Are you inquisitive about setting up a wireless keyboard in your computer?
Keyboards are the commonly used input devices. Based on the mode of operations, you can categorize the keyboards into two, wired and wireless keyboards. The wireless keyboard communicates via Bluetooth technology or via radio signals. Logitech, Microsoft, etc. offer a range of wireless keyboards. The pack contains a wireless keyboard, wireless receiver, batteries, driver software and a user.

IT Services support for resolving wireless mouse issues on Windows 7-based PC

Get comprehensive tech assistance from Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd. tech experts to fix wireless mouse issues on your Windows 7-based PC.
Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd. Certified Technicians can instantly assist to troubleshoot any problem related to wireless mouse. We can professionally install wireless mouse driver on your Windows 7-based PC. Also, our technicians can reinstall the wireless mouse driver, if not installed properly.
We can help to update the wireless mouse driver so that you can.

IT Services support for resolving wireless keyboard stopped working issues

Get Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd.'s top-notch technical assistance to make the wireless keyboard work on your system.
Our Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd. Certified Technicians can help you to resolve synchronization issues between your wireless keyboard and the PC receiver. We can assist you to properly install driver for wireless keyboard. We can also check whether the device driver is compatible with your system to prevent software conflicts or compatibility issues.
Our technical experts can provide comprehensive.

IT Services support to fix all problems with your wireless mouse

Enjoy pleasurable computing experience by fixing all problems with your wireless mouse.
Red Bull Technology Pvt. Ltd. Certified Technicians offer round-the-clock IT Services to resolve all problems with your wireless mouse. Whatever the issue is, our skilled technicians have solutions for all. We can install compatible drivers for the mouse attached to your computer.
Apart from this, we can also uninstall the malfunctioning or corrupted mouse driver from your computer to avoid any conflicting.